A “better” IDE for Arduino

That’s my new project I’ve been working on for some past weekends and afternoons. Yes, there are some similar projects that have already been started. And yes, there are some plugins for Arduino development beeing developed for NetBeans and Eclipse (and these solutions tend to be more powerful in the start and – perhaps – also in the future, because of the feature-rich platforms they extend). However, there is no really specialized IDE for Arduino development that would satisfy me out of the box. And – most of all – I need another challenge!

Current experimentation with GUI concepts…

I work with IBM RAD most of my daytime and in the remaining time I work with IDEA. That should give quite a clear picture about my expectations of an IDE (and frustrations I face). However, this project is about fun. If I save a world or two at the same time, it’s o.k., too. That’s what I’m going to say for now. Stay close!


  1. cheers

    hello, looks like nice work! i would like to try it!
    may i download it somewhere?

    • Well, there isn’t much to try, yet. I really haven’t much worked on it since the time I wrote about it on the blog (work, other things, lack of time and energy… eh, you know). But I’m glad you found it interesting. I’ll let you know when there’ll be something.

    • I’m afraid not. After all that time passing by and things changing in my life, this project can be considered kind of abandoned. Perhaps if I care to learn the NetBeans framework (or Eclipse or something) one day, I’ll start to mess with it again. But no signs on the road, yet.

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