Hello! Welcome to my website!

What you have in front of you is basically a place where I store my various thoughts and notes on stuff I do and find interesting… to keep them at hand, for when I need them.

It started as a technical blog where I shared my pastime computer and microcontroller projects and the tricks I’ve learnt doing them. Later, I’ve found a hobby in chisels, cane and wood… so it was extended with related crafts and music stuff. And finally, it became a web depot for my notes on about everything I find interesting and care to write about.

My old blog disclaimer said:

“…the tricks I share may or may not be the best solutions, or even the right ones for you, but they did the job for me. Have a better solution, a second thought or an idea? By all means, share it in the comments! Don’t leave the rest of us in the dark!”

And it still stands. Know more, know better? Take a minute, do leave a comment!

The remaining thoughts, the notes, the words I put here… enjoy them… or not.

Tomaž Furlan

La Palma, 2019

It turns out my full name is not so rare where I live. A simple internet search yields at least two persons with the same full name – a doctor and an artist. Also, at college, two other students were sharing the same name. That makes at least four people having the same name and surname. I’m not one of these four people. I’m the fifth one!