Programmable Logic Controller – initial sources release

Finally, here are the sources I was talking about for so long! This project page wouldn’t be complete without it, would it?

The zip file below contains complete sources of AVR firmware in Arduino language (C++ with a couple of libraries, basically), the graphical development environment, a sample control program with corresponding configuration, a simple PC SCADA application and a simple communication library in Java.

Schematics and other info can be found here (just search in the document, you’ll find it at the end).

It looks like that:


Graphical integrated development environment



Initial prototype of the controller


Do read more about it here.


  1. The Dare Guy

    I have been looking for a hardware PLC open source project compatible with Arduino in order to start one by myself, but you have already done most of the job!

    I will read your documentation and may come back to you to collaborate 🙂

    Thank you!!

  2. Felipe Rohde

    Good job guy! I´ll read your sources, and I come back to try collaborate! Nice

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