A Quick Intro…


My name is Tomaž Furlan and I’m here to… well…. entertain you!

It’s a place where I store my thoughts and notes on the stuff I do or otherwise find interesting… to find them later, when I need them.

It started as a technical blog where I shared my microcontroller projects and the tricks I’ve learnt doing them, Linux tricks and computer stuff. As I later discovered chisels and cane, It was extended with woodworking and music making topics. Finally, it became a depot for my notes on the stuff I do, think, figure, learn or find interesting.

As far as the technical and woodworking stuff is concerned… as my old blog disclaimer said… the tricks I share may or may not be the best solutions, or even the right ones for you, but they did the job for me. Have a better solution, a second thought or an idea? By all means, share it in the comments! Don’t leave the rest of us in the dark!

Regarding the other stuff I put here… the thoughts, the notes… enjoy it… or not.

The foto above is of Lanzarote and Lobos islands from the Fuerta side. I took it in 2018. I’ve put it here simply because I like it.