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IDE update

After some joyful time I’ve had playing with GUI concepts and visuals, I threw that initial code away and started doing it the right way. At the time being, I have a simple GUI and dinamically extensible framework at some early stage. Think of it as a tiny, super-light netbeans or eclipse-like platform. There’s more…

Programmable Logic Controller – initial sources release

Finally, here are the sources I was talking about for so long! This project page wouldn’t be complete without it, would it? The zip file below contains complete sources of AVR firmware in Arduino language (C++ with a couple of libraries, basically), the graphical development environment, a sample control program with corresponding configuration, a simple…

The PLC update

After looking at the Beremiz iec2c compiler source, I decided that modifying it to fit into this project is probably not the way to go. At this time, I’m deep into experimenting with the Coco/R framework on Java to produce my own IEC compiler. To make things simpler, I decided to support